This Is A Good Year
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This Is A Good Year

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Graduation Exhibition Of The Department Of Photography

At The Royal Academy Of Art, The Hague


The World Is Burning, But At Least We’re Not Cold.

Sitting In Our Well-Heated Living Rooms Eating A Sandwich While The News Flickers On Our TV Screens. The Bright Colours Oftents And Temporary Housing Along The Mediterranean Borders, Candles On Place De La Republique And The King’s Daughter Breaking Her Leg On Their Annual Ski Trip Fill Our Living Rooms With Heavy Smog, But Fail To Fade Our Appetite. Have We Become Immune To The Images Of Refugees And Terrorist Attacks, Bleeding, Starving And Mumbling About Our Western Society As Their Promised Land; The Land That We’ve Watched Falling Apart Financially? This Is Our Land We Say, Go Find Shelter Somewhere Else; Go Preach Your God And Beliefs Somewhere Else. “China, Chiiinaa, CHINA”, Donald Trump Says While He Plans To Build A Wall To Protect Him And America From The Outside World. There It Is, A Country Filled With Gun-Owning Rednecks Building An Iron Curtain As Mighty As The Chinese Wall. It’s Obvious Where Trump Got His Inspiration From.

Yet Even If We Do Pay Attention And We See The Refugees, The Bombs And The Hate That Have Been Dominating Our Precious News Channels, How Do We Know We’re Not Forgetting Something? There Must Be Something We’re Forgetting, Something We’re Neglecting, Because Not The Whole World Can Be Discussed In That Twenty To Thirty-Minute Daily. Where Are The Love Stories, The Sorrowful And Those Showing Regret, Affection Or Joy Instead Of Hate? We Should Know More About The Fishermen In The Yangtze Who Solely Fish Garbage Nowadays As It’s More Profitable. We Should Know More About The Doll Burning Rituals In Japan, The Untouched Wilderness In Scandinavia, Our Sweet Neighbors Who Are Secretly Building Human Flying Machines, Mars Missions, People Preparing For The End Of The World, Our Daughters Who Have Fallen For Justin Bieber And Our Moms Who Run Naked Into The Woods Each Saturday To Feel Connected And Whole.

They All Have A Place Somewhere In This World, In This Time. Yet We Are Too Busy To Give It Space, Facing Our Troubled Minds, As We Have To Choose Sides In A Society That Becomes Polarized Under The Weight Of Big Events. Nuance Seems To Have Become Old-Fashioned And Pointing Fingers At Each Other A Global Sport In Which Minorities Lose And The Heavy Weights Are Corrupt; I Expect The Guidelines Can Be Found On The FIFA Website.

To Those Who Continue Looking At The Bigger Picture It Might All Seem So Rotten, Gushing Of Decay, Like The Video Work “Still Life” By Sam Taylor Wood. And Even We Sometimes Wonder About Being A Product Of This Society. We Dreamed About Evil Men In Masks Getting Shot In The Face And Gang Raped By A Group Of Fat Feminists And I Can’t Seem To Get Rid Of The Idea That It Might Be A Reflection Of Our Time. But On Others Days I Realise That We Are The People; And Thinking About Ignoring The Big Events For A Moment By Connecting Individuals Makes Me Feel Warm. We Can Play A Role In All Of This; A Part To Play On This Tricky Stage.

It Has To Be By Showing The Little Things. The Little Things In Which We All Recognize Ourselves, A Daily Reminder That Human Beings Don’t Have Different Races; Dogs Do; But They Seem To Get Along Fine. The Little Things Are Stories, Stories As Small As You And Me Yet As Big As The Whole World, Which Will Bring Nuance. We Will Bomb. BOMB The World - With Stories.

And We Will Not Stop Until

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